2012 Buick LaCrosse with eAssist, an AW Flash Drive:

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A few comments on the comments... "As for battery pack so as to efficiently 6 pounds, yet one more instance of sloppy writing/editing in autoweek. Does anyone evidence petroleum stuff? "
You be hypothetical to run the numbers preceding to you create insulting the staff!It's completely likely it fake weigh 6 pounds.This is a *mild* hybrid, it won't run filled electric for on foot similar to a Prius or whatever.I'll do the math for you.The BP6X battery in my cell phone has specs of 5.1 watt-hours and efficiently 17 grams.That is 160 batteries in 6 pounds, construct moderator to 0.8kwh.That might after that run a 15kwh load for 192 seconds.I'm certain GM determination not use 160 minute batteries, so they'd probably contain additional battery and fewer packaging supposed in my example, but it recreation a 6 pound battery is feasible.The *rest* of the hybrid scheme probably adds additional heaviness though.

", if it merely additional six pounds, the engineers counting not contain killed shortfall on Al steering knuckles and lighter wheels, as communal the spare was additional supposed 6 pounds saved."
Oh I believe contain would, saving the extra heaviness increases MPG further.The Malibu Hybrid was a bit of a joke to me, it additional similar to 2 MPG in excess of the usual vehicle.I suspect the new hybrid is improved, but too suspect more supposed a few MPG are gained as of the heaviness savings.I'd rather contain a spare supposed an inflator though.

"25/37 doesn't appear extremely imposing for a hybrid"
It fake for me, petroleum is a comparatively big vehicle, and I've driven a (2008) Lacrosse Super and it's *QUIET* (all so as to sound insulation and rubbish adds weight.)They better MPG by 6 metropolis and 7 highway better to the 2011 4-cylinder LaCrosse, not bad for 1 year, and no additional cost.

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For all the comments concerning launching a man on the moon but not receiving improved MPG, stay in brain the 2008+ ratings are NOT similar to preceding ratings.Go to fueleconomy.gov, and contain catalog new MPG ratings for 1985+ cars (along by means of presentation the old "sticker" MPG for comparison.)A lot of the old 40+MPG cars lost 5-10MPG, as,because the new ratings are beneath sensible circumstances (for example, the new highway examination averages concerning 70MPH, by means of A/C on, as,at the same time as the old one averaged amazing similar to *48*MPH by means of no A/C.)

" and a 6 pound battery pack, lithium or not, lined give a great deal juice. This earth not a great deal improved supposed GM's previous feeble ,next to enter the hybrid marketplace by means of the Malibu. "
Yeah it is, the old hybrid gained similar to 1-2MPG, petroleum is ahead 6-7.(How a great deal is as of the heaviness and how a great deal as of the hybrid?I don't know.)

"does petroleum generator "steal" 15hp as of the engine to create 15Kw?"
Not really, it's attached to the engine (by belt) but it'll be charging the batteries at what time you are braking, authority so as to is otherwise wasted.This is the major increase as of any hybrid.

" how a great deal HP do we require to create a Kilowatt?"
Per Google, 1 HP = 0.745699872 kilowatts.Of route so as to assumes 100% conversion efficiency.Although, as I say, petroleum is HP so as to counting now be heating up by means of brakes otherwise.

" Maybe if we can tweak amazing to the melody of 100kw drive by means of a number of high-quality multispeed automatics to labor completely magic for sustained cruising, it's motionless now one more bandaid."
That type of belongings person's name done, Prius etc don't contain fairly so as to big a motor but it's attractive big, the distance end to end of by means of loads of batteries.But petroleum adds a enormous quantity of weight.The entire tip of the mild hybrid is to give the majority of the advantage of a Prius-like hybrid as,at the same time as not addition almost so a great deal weight.Most of the minute are as of capturing the momentum at what time attract at a stoplight, and by,by means of so as to authority to create up at what time the glow turns green.And, on the highway capturing a bit downhill, and by,by means of so as to to add authority uphill (so the engine can hopefully wait in it's efficiency band in its place of attention to fall eager on a fewer well-organized authority band.)

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