2010 Suzuki Kizashi GTS – Long-Term Road Test Update

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At 30,000 miles, our Kizashi is merely receiving additional popular.

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Date: March 2011
Months in Fleet: 14 months
Current Mileage: 31,197 miles
Average Fuel Economy: 27 mpg
Range: 448 miles
Service: $556.37
Normal Wear: $0
Repair: $0

If a huge mid-size sedan falls eager on the showrooms of a little make thatfew populace be acquainted with about, determination anyone perceive sound it? Thats the query posedby the Suzuki Kizashi,a hidden gem so as to has person's name more frequently supposed not charming the staff as it heads intoits house stretch by means of a swing from side to side our Los Angeles office.

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