2010 Sportec SPR1R Overview

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2010 Sportec SPR1R Overview

The SPORTEC SPR1R skin luckily the titanium between rods, an appartment graphite beneath floor, and lively suspension and F1 method porcelain brake discs of additional SPR1 modelsWhile petroleum 0-62mph (100kmh) occasion is unchanged at 3.0 seconds, the 300 kmh (186mph) increment arrives 0.9 quicker supposed previously, highlighting the strength of adjustments. The quoted top pace of better supposed 236mph leftovers unaltered. For sale in a assortment of colours, the SPR1R possesses a quantity of exclusive SPORTEC decorating and center touches, counting lightweight 20 inch fake alloy wheels, a graphite back mentoring and leather / alcantara interior..

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2010 sportec spr1r front angle sight  photo

2010 sportec spr1r back  angle sight  photo

2010 sportec spr1r carbon fibre back  wing sight  photo

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